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Animal Control Is What We’re All About
Wildlife Removal Service was started as a side business to help people in our immediate area.  In no time at all, we were fielding calls from all around West Virginia.  With experience and know-how, we are expanding every year, mainly on word-of-mouth recommendations.  We leave our customers happy and

Let The Experts Work For You
When we’re on the job, we make sure that you’re satisfied. Wildlife Removal Service is a licensed damage control company through the West Virginia Division Of Natural Resources (DNR).

We can identify your problem, remove any animals, and prevent them from returning.  Wildlife Removal Service is insured and licensed, and observes all animal control laws and regulations.

The “Gitter” Behind The Critter
Our skilled team of professionals is led by Noel Braley, founder of Wildlife Removal Service. He has been a damage control agent with WV DNR for a decade. Noel's got a B.S. in Criminal Justice, which helps him in his other field (law enforcement).  Since critter culprits just won't obey the law, he also has a degree from Purdue University in Pest Animal Management.

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Noel has strict quality standards, and won’t leave any job unfinished.  When he’s not ridding houses of unwanted animal pests, Noel works as a Sgt. in the Kanawha County Sheriffs Department.

We Remove: bats, snakes, squirrels, raccoons, mice, rats, etc. 1-800-816-8828

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