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About Our Pest Control Services and Professionals

Meet Our Founder - Noel Braley

Wildlife Removal Service Inc. has become West Virginia’s premier pest control business, and it begins with our founder Noel Braley. With years of experience in law enforcement, including the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department, Noel does not just focus on troublesome citizens, but some cunning creatures as well. Our business started as a part- time venture to help out residents of the nearby area, but before long, it became a staple of the entire state. With a degree from Purdue University in Pest Animal Management, Noel holds himself and his staff to high-quality standards for catching these troublesome pests quickly, humanely, and at a great price. Feel free to give him a call at (304) 437-1971 for any of your bat removal, mouse removal, snake removal, or other pest control needs. We look forward to working hard for your safety and security.

Licensed by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources

When you call the pest control professionals at Wildlife Removal Service Inc., you can trust our qualifications and experience. Our business is licensed by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR). When you call our business for bat removal, snake removal, mouse removal, or removal of any other type of bird or animal, our qualified staff will have a great estimate for you, as well as high-quality effectiveness. Not only do we remove any of the animals that cause commotion in or around your home or place of business, but we make sure they do not return. We are insured, follow regulations, and remain committed to the most humane pest control procedures in the area. Call for more information today.

Consider Our Other Businesses for Roofing and Tree Trimming Needs

While Wildlife Removal Service Inc. primarily focuses on pest control, including bat removal, mouse removal, and snake removal, our owners also have two other local businesses in the area that specialize in tree trimming and roofing. Roof Pros, one of our local businesses, serves the roofing needs of West Virginia home and business owners, and holds themselves to the same standards as our pest control business. Our tree trimming business, Noel’s Tree Service, can take care of any of the problematic trees at your residential or commercial properties. For more information, visit our sites by clicking below:

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